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Chronic fatigue, Indigestion, Bloated, Constipation and Skin Problem by Cleansing the Colon and Liver to prevent further problem…such as piles, bad breath, colon inflammation, body aches, skin diseases, migraines,depression and colon rectum diseases.

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“ Cleanse For A Less Toxic Body ” by Jenny Chung of Nature’s Holistic Colon Centre in Star Special 

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Star Special, Tuesday 11 June 2013       BODY, MIND & SOUL       SS32

Cleanse For A Less Toxic Body

Indigestion and then bloated feeling, constipation, aches and pain and even unresolved skin problems are common health complaints of many working adults. While these are seen as minor by many and most can be resolved temporarily with some of-the-counter medicines or a visit to the spa or skin specialist, these are actually symptoms of weakening digestive and elimination system and a toxic body.

These health problems are not easy to be alleviated as the root cause lies on our years of daily eating habits covering selection of food, how the food is prepared and the time it is normally consumed. 80% or more Malaysian are “planting diseases” because they are habitually on food high in carbohydrate, meat and saturated oil but low in fiber like fruits and vegetables and water intake hence creating a natural path towards indigestion and constipation.

Indigestion is the first problem that arise when food taken are not chewed adequately or consumed at time when digestion system is weak especially after 8pm. Such undigested food acted on by bacteria will putrefy and produce toxin inside the body. The longer the undigested food remained inside and not eliminated out via bowel movement on a daily basis, more toxins are created. However proper or complete elimination has become a challenge nowadays to senior citizen as well as working adults due to lack of fiber or water intake, lack of exercise and leading a stressful life.

Such continuous years of indigestion or constipation will cause accumulation of toxins in the colon and when excessive will overflow into the other parts of the body, increasing overall body toxicity which is termed “Toxic Stress Cycle”. A toxic body is a fatigue and weak body with poor immunity and therefore is a barrier to our initiative to look good and feel good.

According to world famous Dr Bernard Jensen, a toxic colon is the root cause of diseases. Toxic body environment impairs our cell metabolism to repair and regenerate new cells, accelerate aging and affect our immune system. That is why health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high sugar which can be easily detected from a simple blood test are alarmingly high. But what about those diseases that cannot be detected by a normal blood test such as stomach or colon cancer and leukemia which is a form of digestive and blood diseases and they do not normally provide symptoms at initial stage.

“Detoxification strategy which includes elimination of built up toxin and enhance body internal detoxification is an effective two-prong approach to address the toxicity accumulated in the body over the years as well as rejuvenate the digestive and elimination system” according to Jenny, a clinical nutritionist.

Nature’s Holistic in PJ specializes in natural therapy provides Colon hydrotherapy, a water therapy combined with nutritional supplements to assist internal cleaning of the colon and liver and to enhance the digestive and elimination system. Once toxicity in the colon is reduced and the digestive and elimination which impaired the proper function of the body are improved, you will feel immediate relief to many of your current health complaints.

In today modern world full of temptations and commitments, it is not easy to avoid all external pollution to the body from food and environment but we can re-purify our inner body in order for it to work and heal better, the least we can do to protect our invaluable health.

For enquiry, please call our center at 03-7958 3888 or 012-642 3168 

Year 2016 Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Promotion

Individual Sessions

Colon Hydrotherapy - Cost per session = RM 300

( Include consultation & treatment )

Special 1st Trial Promotion = RM 180 only 

Package Promotion

Colon Cleansing and Detoxification Program

Colon Hydrotherapy     ( 5X RM 300 )                       RM 1500

Free Product for Detoxification & Nourishment           RM 400

Total include 5 x Colonic Treatment & Free Supplement = RM 1500 Nett