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      Body Clenz-The Life of fibre

      Colon Cleansing Agent with oligosaccharides to boost the

      growth of good bacteria

      Digest Clenz-100% Natural fibre with Enzymes

       Enzymes fibre for restoration of digestive system.


      OMX Functional Food-The first line of Defense with Probiotic

       To restore the balance of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract


       Barley Grass-King of Green plant on Earth

       Detoxify cellular tissue & Neutralize blood acid in the body


       Wild Honey Apple Cider Vinegar -Natural cleansing drinks

       Rid off and reduce excessive body fat and prevent high cholesterol


       Aloe Vera Juice -Stomach Soothing Tonic

       To Prevent stomach acid reflux , heartburn , gastric and bloated