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 Our Philosophy
WHO reported high toxins in the body is the Root Cause of 90% of diseases and cancer. These diseases have hit younger population nowadays as the internal body systems is constantly bombarded with external toxins from the air, water and food we eat. Making things worst is the poor performance of the main detoxification organs – Liver, Colon and Skin as a result of constipation, late night sleep, alcohol intake and lack of exercise which has been overburdened over the years. They too need to be cleansed and rejuvenated!

We believe no healing truly takes place unless we remove the root cause of the health problems by:-

  1. flush out the toxins that have embedded and encrusted in our detoxification organs
  2. uplift the performance the detoxification organ.

We do it by combining the 3 main trust of health – P.E.N. Solution to deliver desired wellness.

Wellness is build upon a foundation of a Purified Body with proper Nourishment and Energy.

P.E.N. – The Root Solution

Purify * Energize * Nourish

  • Purify - Eliminate accumulated toxins with colon hydrotherapy and liver detox program – the first step to decongest the body and improve the function of the colon, liver and kidneys.
  • Energize - Increase bio-energy to enhance blood circulation with far infa-red therapy.
  • Nourish - Dietary change and functional food to encourage cell metabolism, cell detoxification and body’s inner healing abilities.

The human body is an integrated physical, chemical and mechanical unit which complement each other in order for the internal body function to perform – digest food, absorb nutrients, eliminate wastes, create energy and generate new cell, blood, muscles or bones.

Besides daily nutrients, the body hunger for a clean environment and adequate supply of nutrients to produce energy for the organs to work optimally – to carry out activities and new cells for the body to combat existing illnesses or diseases and to remain healthy.