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Natures Holistic @ My-Life Centre, is an one-stop Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification Center have helped thousands to rid off health problems due to intestinal and digestive disorder.

Toxins in the intestinal tract is mainly due to 3 inter-connected causes:-

  1. the quality of food we eat
  2. our weakening digestive system (stomach, liver and colon)
  3. poor elimination of bowel

This cause a series of ailments such as gas bloatedness, constipation, rectal inflammation, indigestion, bad breath, acid reflux / heartburn, skin problems, tiredness, poor memory and low absorption of nutrient. Congestion of toxins in the intestinal system will ultimately pass on to the blood stream and other parts of our body leading to obesity, degeneration such as hypertension, clogged arteries and pain.

We help by offering the primary first step of a true healing – the Natural Solutions to your Digestive Problems which is to remove years of toxins that has been accumulated in our body from the air, water and food we ingest and waste retained in our colon.

Our Services:-

Colon Hydrotherapy

Liver and Gallbladder Detox

Nutrition for Intestinal Health

This journey of detoxification and optimal nutrition help our inner body to re-gain better skin complexion and more energy, shed off excess kilos, enhance and rebalance body posture, sleep and relax better, increase performance and mental clarity.

We aim to create awareness that prevention is the most cost effective and time tested strategy for one to enjoy pain free and quality life at their golden age with their families and loved ones


Be HAPPY and ADMIRED again!

If you are having above health disorder symptoms, contact us at PJ : 603-7958 3888

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