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Colon Hydrotherapy Facts About Colon
 Facts About Colon

The 6 feetColonis the body’s most important elimination organ,it flushes off undigested waste and toxic matters from the body. When one experiences frequent indigestion bloated ness irregular or incomplete bowel,the waste breed bad bacteria,become toxins and cancer causing agents (carcinogens) causing colon inflammation,diseases or even colon cancer.

This toxin will re-absorb back into the bloodstream through the walls of the colon and settles in the weak organs of the body creating further and continuous damage to our health.

Toxins / Microorganism in the Effects
Eg. Stomach Indigestion, bad breath, Acid reflux
  Small Intestine Poor absorption of nutrient
  Colon Bloated ness, gas, constipation, irritable Bowel, haemorrhoids

When digestion is poor,partially undigested food easily enters into the blood stream and deposited as waste through out our body.

Eg. Excess Symptoms
  Calories Obesity, laziness and fatigue
  Fat Bad cholesterols
  Sugar Diabetes
  Salt High blood pressure and Clogged arteries
  Protein Uric acid, skin disease

That is why Colon Hydrotherapy has been recommended by well-known healthcare author as a very important adjunctive and complementary therapy to enhance the success rate for treatment of all kinds of illnesses and diseases. It is easier to treat a clean body than try to fix a dirty one!