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 FIR Ezy Detox
What is Far Infrared (FIR) Heat / Energy?
It is a form of energy that heats objects directly through conversion without heating the air between. The sun produces most of the energy in the infrared spectrum of light which is not visible to human eyes but we can feel it and perceive as heat. Our atmosphere has a window that allows Infrared rays in the 7-14 micron range to reach the earth.

How FIR affect human body?
Allow the body to sweat daily through exercise is recommended. But when you add the sweating benefits with FIR safe radiation,you have the best combination for release of pesticides,heavy metals and chemicals that make you sick and unhealthy.

What is FIR Ezy Detox?
Is a whole body energy radiator to accelerate toxins removal,to improve skin complexion and to relax the body at the convenience of your home. Studies have shown that 15 minutes of daily sweat will lighten the burden of the kidneys and decongest the lymphatic system.

7 Times More Effective Sweat from exercise = 99% Water + 1% ToxinsSweat from FIR EzyDetox = 93% Water + 7% Toxins

What is the uniquesness of EzyDetox?

  • Ceramic semi-conductor,a patented and advanced technology from Germany to produce far infrared heat. No water and herbal medicines required.
  • Safe for children and elderly. The wave of the heat is at 4-14 microns that is the most beneficial,have therapeutic value and no side effects. It increases the human bio energy too,
  • Steady increase of temperature between 60-70 degrees celcius,non humid and comfortable. Head stay outside to ensure safety,easy to breathe and you can even watch TVs during therapy.
  • FIR heat can penetrate 2 cm into the deeper layer to cell,bones and spines. It helps to discharge unwanted fat deposited around internal organs.
  • Easy to maintain. It is odorless. No water or herbal required during therapy. FIR heat is good enough.
  • Mobile and easy to install.

Main Benefits of EzyDetox

1.  Generate heating effects:cause molecules to react

2.  Break down water molecules:increase absorption and distribution by 2 times

3.   Become a single H2O:effective for metabolism and moisturiszing

4.   Easily penetrate into cell membranes

5.   Activate cells

6.   Expand and unlock lympahticglands

7.   Boost immunity to prevent cancer

8.   Expand blood capillaries

9.   Improve blood circuatlion:total length of blood capillaries 100,000 km

10. Promote metabolism:effective digestion and energy production

11. Anti bacteria and viral infection

  • Dilate blood vessels:Increase blood flow and improve elasticity of inner wall to prevent atherosclerosis. It also removes wastes product from the wall of blood vessels thus reducing the risks of problems of high cholesterol,hypertension,diabetes,obesity and stroke.
  • Blood circulation :Blockage and imbalance of energy in the human body can cause many illnesses and diseases. EzyDetox disperses the energy heat through acupuncture points to regulate the yin and yang balance as well as improve the circulation of “qi” and blood. This means the cell in muscles and joints will get more oxygen and nutrients for the purpose of detoxification,rejuvenation and restoration for the purpose of anti-aging and vitality.
  • Total Body and Skin Enhancement: throughEzyDetox, toxins and dead cells that accumulated under the skin will be removed through extensive perspiration leaving smooth and radiant skin. It helps to improve acne,eczema,psoriasis and all form of skin infections. Besides it accelerates skin healing and scar.
  • Weight Management:EzyDetox can excrete 2-3 times more sweats than conventional sauna with high burning of calories. Daily use can make you less stressful,more energetic similar to the effect of long distance running or extensive exercise,suitable for those who want to keep fit or senior citizen who are overweight and not suitable to perform physical exercise.

Reported Improvements from Infrared Sauna Therapy
Muscoskeletal Improvements:- Arthritis >Bursitis >Lower Back Pain >  Gout >Tissue Injury >FibromyalgiaNerve Pain Improvements:- Migraine >Pain during menstruation  >Facial Paralysis  Skin Improvements:Acne >Aging spots >Psoriasis  >Eczema >Scars

Illnesses Improvements:
Poor Circulation
Cancer Pain