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Colon Hydrotherapy FAQS
What is colon hydrotherapy?
It is a therapeutic application of clean filtered water into the colon with approved medical colonic equipment unlike other mini home devices like enema.

Is the therapy approved by the Ministry?
The International Association of Colon Therapy (I-ACT) in USA is the worldwide certifying body for specially trained colon therapists. I-ACT has more than 100 practicing members worldwide.

Why do I need colon hydrotherapy?
It is an internal body purification program and is suitable for everyone in the modern society. It toxins off the body and together with the required nutrition,the body will start to repair and self-heal to combat whatever ailments that they may have. Once the body is cleaner,you can overcome illnesses,less pain and enjoy more energy and better skin and weight.

What are the benefits?
It is a wellness therapy for digestive care and bowel management to ensure proper function of the gastro-intestinal tract for proper breaking down the food (digestion),extraction the useful;part of the food (absorption of nutrients) and remove the unwanted part of the food (elimination). The Objectives are:-

Gradual removal of stagnated fecal matter at the colon wall,reduce toxic gas,harmful bacteria or dead microorganism that retained in the colon
Improve muscle tone of the colon to aid in return to normal bowel function
Reconstitute healthy intestinal flora for immune system

Who perform the therapy?
The therapy is performed by Shirley,a certified colon therapist with 10 years experience. She has done more than 10,000 procedures helping customers who have serious digestive and eliminative problems and for those who are health conscious,wants to live a healthy life.

How long is the session?
As water travels into the entire colon,waste is softened resulting is evacuation through natural peristalsis. This is a natural therapy and we only use pure filtered and ozonised water. No chemical or drugs are added. The process of many rounds of water flowing in slowly and natural evacuation will continues for 40 minutes.

Is it dangerous?
I-ACT describes colon hydrotherapy as a safe and effective method of removing waste from the colon without using drugs and exhaustive chemical.

Is it painful?
It is not a painful procedure and no drugs or painkillers are used. The feeling is like repeated bowel movements. It is relieving,restorative and you will feel lighter at the end of the therapy.

How many sessions do I need?
For starter,a basic cleansing regime comprises 4 sessions of colon hydrotherapy over a period of 2- 3 weeks is recommended for thorough cleansing. For those who want to address a serious health problem,the consultant and therapist will assess and advice accordingly.

What is the cost of the therapy?
The normal cost per session is RM250. However there is special offer for first time customer and special packages available from time to time. Please contact us for details.

Do I need to fast before I come?
No. This is because we would like to assess your colon conditions prior to a fasting or cleansing program. This will enable us to recommend the right fiber and supplements to suit your colon.

What I need to prepare?
There is no preparation required. However we will advise you to take a light meal before you come. Meal that is high in fiber like vegetables,oats and fruits are recommended.

Will I become dependent?
No. This is a health rejuvenation therapy unlike drugs which you may be addicted. Like yoga or exercise,you will feel your health gradually improve if you do it on a periodically,bi-annually is the best to keep your colon clean.

When should I do it?
Find a 2-3 weeks period when you are not traveling and you can embark on a healthy diet low in fried and carbohydrates but high in fruits and vegetables. You can do colon hydrotherapy at any time of the day.

Where is your Detox Center?
We are located at Natures Holistic @ My Life Center at D-3-29,8th Avenue Business Center,Petaling Jaya (opposite PJ Hilton). Tel:603-7958 3888 or Direct Care line 012 –6423 168 / 012 -3668243.