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 Energy Lamp
What Is FIR Energy Lamp?

Is a body parts energy radiator,a wonderful handy lamp with therapeutic value. By stimulating certain part of the body with the lamp,it helps to alleviate pain and accelerate the healing process of wounds and illness. Similar to photon or light therapy,the heat can help to improve body energy,repair cells and tissues,reduce inflammation on certain parts of the body.

What is the uniquesness of Energy Lamp?

  • Ceramic semi-conductor,a patented and advanced technology from Germany to produce far infrared heat. No replacement parts required. Last very long.
  • Safe for children and elderly. The wave of the heat is at 4-14 microns that is the most beneficial,have therapeutic value and no side effects. It increases the human bio energy too,
  • FIR heat can penetrate 2 cm into the deeper layer to cell,bones and spines. It helps to discharge unwanted fat deposited around internal organs.
  • More than 50 multi-purpose use in daily life:Physiotherapy,Injury,Pain,Skin Infections

10 Main Uses of Energy Lamp

Skin (acne,dark spots,lightening of scars) - close eyes and shine lamp on to face for 10 minutes.

Abdominal pain (gas,indigestion,hiccup) - shine lamp on area for about 20 minutes

Eyes (fatigued /tired eyes ,visual deterioration) - close eyes and shine illuminate the area between eyes for about 10 minutes.

Cough ,Asthma - Drink a up of water and them shine on the throat,bronchus and lungs for 15 minutes.

Shoulder stiffness - Shine on shoulder for 15-30 minutes combine with raising the arm ad swinging back and front.

Lower back pain - Shine on area for 15-30 minutes with hand massage to relieve tension.

Sinusitis or stuffy nose - Shine on cheeks and wing of nose for about 20 minutes.

Headache or migraine - Shine on head from top for 15 minutes to improve blood circulation at head area.

Rheumatism,arthritis or painful joints - Shine on for 30 minutes. Increase consumption of hydrolyzed collagen to enhance cartilage growth.

Wound healing - avoid direct on fresh wounds. Start at area around the wound for 15 minutes to promote blood circulation at area around the wound so that nutrients can reach the wound to regenerate new cells.