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Products Digest Clenz - 100% Natural Fiber with Enzymes
 Digest Clenz - 100% Natural Fiber with Enzymes


Combination of soluble and insoluble fibers which lubricate the colon and is very effective to address bowel disorder.
Contain aloe vera,pineapple enzyme,papaya enzyme,wheat germ,oat bran,fruit and vegetable extract powder.
It is a natural cleansing fiber drink,unlike laxative that damages the nerves of the colon.

Unique Benefits:-

100% natural fiber drink with fruits enzyme is suitable for digestive and colon health.
Does not contain bulking agent that may cause bloatedness or stagnation of feces.
Require a lot of water intake.
WHO states “Diet high in fiber (25-30 gm daily) equivalent to 5 handful of vegetables or fruits reduce the risk of hemorrhoids,flatulence,high cholesterol,diabetes,obesity and heart disease”.

Usage:Take 1 sachet daily on empty stomach

Intensive Cleansing Program: Take 2 sachets daily ( Day & Night on empty stomach )  

Retail Price:RM108.00 (30 sachets in a box)

Promo Pack : Buy 4 boxes Free 1 box