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Customer Care
 Customer Care

Our objective is Customer Satisfaction and as such providing quality service and delivering results has become our daily operational focus.

Pre-Therapy : For our 1st time customer, our staff will conduct a personalized consultation to understand the customer’s expectation and desired benefits.
During Therapy : The therapy is customized based on the assessment made in the earlier consultation and performed by friendly and experienced staff. High hygiene standards and privacy is adhered.
Post Therapy : Our staff will provide feedback based on observation during the therapy and will advise on dietary and lifestyle change where needed.

With proper care in handling the above, all customers are satisfied with our service and the results the health benefits they achieved.





Consultation :-



Healthcare Advice 




During Therapy

Privacy Assured At All Times !!

The Client Lie Down Comfortably


Post Therapy

Provide Feedback based on health Condition

Will advise on dietary and lifestyle change

where needed.