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Colon Hydrotherapy Cleansing Diet and Supplements
 Cleansing Diet and Supplements

Depending on individual health, needs, past diet and lifestyle, the duration of cleansing program ranges from 3 to 7 days. During the program, the followings should be observed as much:

  1. Minimize ingestion of toxins by eliminating caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and even laxatives or drugs that can be habit forming.
  2. Go for a daily diet that is rich is greens, fruits and grains and lean meat. Greens help to alkaline our body and purify your blood too.
  3. Flush out accumulated toxins from the colon with colon hydrotherapy.
  4. Consume additional supplements – fiber, apple cider, barley grass and friendly bacteria to optimize the cleansing and rejuvenation effect of the colon and the entire body. More info at Products

Colon hydrotherapy should be performed during this period to accelerate removal of toxins from the colon hence multiply the overall benefit of embarking on a detoxification regime. This will greatly help to reduce the possible discomfort arising from detox where toxins are circulating in the bloodstream and causes a series of havoc such as nausea, fever, skin eruptions and joint pain what we commonly known as “healing crisis”.

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