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Products Body Clenz - Life of Fiber
 Body Clenz - Life of Fiber


Combination of apple pectin and palm oil fibers which lubricate the colon and is very effective to address bowel disorder.
Contain 40% prebiotic to boost the growth of friendly bacteria in the colon.
It is a natural cleansing fiber drink,unlike laxative that damages the nerves of the colon.

Unique Benefits:-

Preferred solution for those previously having chronic constipation and want to maintain a healthy colon.
Does not contain bulking agent that may cause bloatedness or stagnation of feces.
Does not require a lot of water intake.
WHO states “Diet high in fiber (25-30 gm daily) equivalent to 5 handful of vegetables or fruits reduce the risk of hemorrhoids,flatulence,high cholesterol,diabetes,obesity and heart disease”.


Usage:Take 1 sachet daily on empty stomach

Severe Constipation: 1 Day 2 sachets ( Day & Night on empty stomach ) 


Retail Price:RM108.00 (30 sachets in a box)

Promo Pack : Buy 4 boxes Free 1 box