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Products Barley Grass - King of Green Plant on Earth
 Barley Grass - King of Green Plant on Earth

100% organically grown.

100% concentrate barley grass juice powderfrom Australia.
A powerful nutritional support rich in chlorophyll,16 vitamins,23 minerals,18 amino acids.

Unique Benefits:-

Anti inflammation –Help to relief sore throat and excessive body heat.
Blood purifier and stimulate red blood cells Neutralize heavy metal and nicotine in the body.
Balance blood sugar level and promote body acid –alkaline balance.
Stimulate red

"My research has shown that the leaves of young barley contains the most balanced supply of nutrients that exist on earth in a single source to support the elimination and healing mechanism,resist disease and slow down aging” Dr Yoshide Hagiwara

“Barley grass juice was given to patients with 29 types of disease. The ratio of successful treatment for skin disease is 75.5%”
Dr Mary Ruth Swope

Suitable for:-

Those having high blood pressure,diabetes and high cholesterol.
Those having skin problem,sore throat,inflammation or constipation.
Highly recommended for smoker or children who do not consume green vegetables.
It is a recommended to consume long term as a comprehensive nutritional support.

Usage:Take 1-2 sachets daily on empty stomach for health improvement.

Retail Price: RM92.00 (30 sachets in a box)

Promo Pack: Buy 4 boxes Free 1 box